Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Cannabis Europa in London. The speakers, sponsors and attendees who came to us
from five continents truly made this the foremost arena to share
knowledge and shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe.
On the day, we saw connections being made, with people from
all walks of life meeting people they never otherwise would have
met, and sharing insights that they never otherwise would have
been exposed to.
We heard heart wrenching patient stories, and exciting
entrepreneurial tales while maintaining a balance of the aims of
everyone in the room; political, business and advocacy. We had
great debates on topics ranging from applications of medical
cannabis, to legislative change, and delved deep into the issues
currently facing the European medical cannabis industry. Since
Cannabis Europa, we’ve seen real momentum to push change
further and we’re happy to have been a part of that.
We’re so proud of what we’ve created, and the many lessons
we learned from both the dialogue and physical undertaking of
our first conference. On the following pages we will present just
a small snapshot of what took place, and some of our favorite
images and moments.
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