Are you thinking about Quitting Weed? If you are feeling like your love of ganja is not as strong as it was, and you’re wondering if it’s good for you at all, see how and why I quit using weed and haven’t gone back.
I was in love with marijuana for a long time. If you have been addicted to Marijuana, you probably understand exactly what I mean.
In the beginning times of using marijuana, I didn’t think I’d do it for a long time, but I grew to like it more and more, and even thought I might be better off, or more healthy because I was using it at some stage of my indulgence.
Now I know I’m better off without marijuana and I truly believe it’s an illusion to think marijuana makes a person’s life better.
Quitting marijuana is not easy because marijuana addiction is real, even though it’s a mostly a psychological addiction.
It’s the associations, including friends, things you do while your high, and the ritual that make it feel like your losing something you might not want to lose when you first think seriously about quitting.
The good thing is, it gets easier, and there are some very powerful thoughts I’ve shared here about the pain of using marijuana, and the joy you can experience as a result of quitting, that can help you out.

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