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Meghan Markle’s nephew has called on the UK to legalise marijuana after it was alleged the Duchess boasted about serving the drug at her first wedding. Tyler Dooley, 26, who farms legal cannabis in Oregon, launched a new marijuana strain, Markle Sparkle, in honour of the royal wedding earlier this year. He said: “The UK spent $6billion (£4.7bn) on black-market marijuana last year. “That’s $6billion going into the hands of drug dealers that could be taxed and applied to schools and streets and healthcare and things that actually matter. “The UK is losing out because they can’t get on with marijuana reform — until they decide they want to legalise it recreationally or medically and make a change.” The Duchess of Sussex allegedly boasted to friends about giving out bags of marijuana as gifts at her first wedding, before she married Prince Harry. In emails obtained by The Sun, Meghan Markle discussed plans of how she would give the drug to guests when tying-the-knot with former partner Trevor Engelson in Jamaica, in 2011. When a friend advised Meghan to buy a special bag for the cannabis, she reportedly replied “Already ordered ‘em. And teeny ones for the pot that say ‘shh’.” A source also told the newspaper that Meghan even helped roll the illegal drug into joints and placed filters into each before putting them into the party bags. “It didn’t seem like it was really her thing,” the source told The Sun . “Trevor and his friends definitely had more experience with it. I think she is more of a champagne and rose kind of girl. It almost looked like she didn’t know how to smoke. “It is not something that was very much ‘her’, but it was part of the theme and the couple were very excited to have this surprise gift for the guests. Earlier this year Tyler Dooley was caught with a four-inch blade at a London nightclub hours after the royal wedding. He blamed US President Donald Trump’s London “war zone” comment, saying he carried the knife for his own protection as the city sounded ‘dangerous’. The farmer was not invited to the royal wedding in Windsor on Saturday but flew over to London anyway, along with mum Tracy Dooley and brother TJ. And hours after the Duchess of Sussex tied the knot to Prince Harry in a lavish £32m celebration, bouncers at Kingston nightclub Bucchus discovered Tyler was trying to take the knife in with him.

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