“Since the war on drugs, 22 million Northern Americans went to jail for Non-violent cannabis offences”. LEAP director and former police officer Jack Cole speaks at the MOTHER of all marches; The NYC cannabis parade. The 2016 edition took place on the 7th of May.
The Global Marijuana March is an annual rally held since 1999 on the first Saturday in May at different locations across the globe. The New York Parade was opened by Dana Beal, the founder of this massive event.
In the Summer of 1967, the first “Smoke-In” can be said to have taken place. According to the tale, yippie Dana Beal took a bunch of weed and rolled up a bunch of joints and passed them around at the concert of the Grateful Dead.
On Stage:
Dana Beal, Founder Global Marijuana March
Jack Cole, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Doug Greene, Legislative Director of Empire State NORML.
Rob Robinson, Co-founder & Co-director NY Cannabis Alliance
Steve Bloom, Freedom Leaf
Rick Cusick, Associate Publisher of High Times magazine
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