A 22 year old man was arrested and will appear in the Bethal Magistrate’s Court today for cultivating dagga later today.
The arrest came despite the Constitutional Court ruling on the 18th of September that cleared the way for both the use and cultivation of cannabis in private.
Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo delivered a unanimous judgment that the ban on private possession, consumption and private cultivation of dagga at home was unconstitutional.
South Africa’s Dagga Couple last week warned South Africans that while an SA Police Service national directive had been issued that clearly explains to police that the use and cultivation of cannabis at home is now legal, law enforcers still have “sweeping powers” when it comes to any suspected “transporting, shipping, exporting, trading, prescribing, or otherwise making money from marijuana”.
The couple, Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, have been legally involved in the fight for an end to cannabis prohibition in South Africa …they join us in studio.
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