Sky News hears the horrific stories of human trafficking as figures show an increase of victims in the UK is rising.
The number of potential trafficking victims referred to British authorities globally rose to 5,145 between 2016 to 2017.
The National Crime Agency said they believed a majority were from Albania.
Sky News met 15 victims at a shelter in Vlore, a city in the south of Albania which remains a hot spot for the country’s trafficking network.
‘Besjana’ was in her early twenties when she fell pregnant.
She told Sky’s Dan Whitehead how it brought shame on her family and described how she was beaten by her own mother and brother.
“They punched me in the womb so I would lose the baby… it was really bad because I could lose the baby at any moment,” she said.
Her traffickers are yet to be caught.
The UK government has committed £150m to tackle modern slavery in source and transit countries.
If you have concerns about possible victims, the Modern Slavery Helpline number is 08000 121 700.
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