(00:00) Introduction
(2:13) Part 1: The Rose That Grew From Concrete
(5:17) Part 2: The Great Lie
(10:38) Part 3: Marijuana’s Effect on Society
(13:37) Part 4: Implications of Cannabis
(18:30) Part 5: Cannabis For A Resource Based Economy
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
References & Sources:
The Shafer Commission Report
The Misunderstood Plant – Hemp: It’s History and Uses
The Bio-Based Economy
Hemp as Lumber & Building Applications
Houses made from Hemp
Biodegradable Hemp Plastic
Hemp Pulp vs Wood | Paper
Hemp as Biofuel
Hemp as Biodiesel
Marijuana Boosts Braincell Growth (Neurogenesis)
Marijuana promotes death of Cancer Cells?
War on Drugs is a failure
A Resource Based Economy

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