All the legal marijuana news and headlines for Thursday, July 19, 2018.
Headlines of the day
// Fake Emails, Felony Charges, and Attorney General’s Intervention: A Dramatic 48 Hours in Oklahoma Marijuana Policymaking (
// Legalization Inundates California’s Cannabis Labs (Leafly)
// White House Opposes Legalization Of All Drugs, Press Secretary Says (Marijuana Moment)
// Tilray Prices $153 Million NASDAQ IPO at $17 per Share (New Cannabis Ventures)
// Medical marijuana agency needs $13.3M to belatedly process 400 license applications (Florida Watchdog)
// Stop fingering me bro’: ACLU sues DC cop for alleged anal probe (KRXI Fox 11 Reno)
// Ohio marijuana firm charts international growth path with $74 million in deals (Marijuana Business Daily)
// Cronos to Build Massive Greenhouse Facility in Ontario (New Cannabis Ventures)
// From Michelin Stars to Cannabis Cakes: A Las Vegas Chef’s Journey (Leafly)
// California Bans Hemp-Derived CBD Oil (Cannabis Now)
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